How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

How to Choose your Wedding Photographer

There can be only one opportunity to capture good moments from the wedding. That is why it is very important to choose not only a good photographer but the one whose style matches your desires and expectations. The most common reason why the couples get disappointed lies in the fact that they didn’t put enough time to search for the right guy. The wedding is not a rehearsal and therefore it should not be put at risks.

Take the time

When selecting a wedding dress it is necessary to test it out and modify a few things. The same goes with the photographer. You should take the time and try shooting a few photographs.

Determine what you want

-Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down the following questions:

-Is it more important to have a lot of photos of to have some good ones?

-Do you want them to sell the photographs at your wedding?

-Do you want it all on the CD?

-Would you like a wedding book?

-Do you want processed photographs of not?

-Which style would you like? (romantic, documentary…)

-Do you want classic photos or something more modern and different?

-Do you want a fixed price for these services?

Hire a guy just for a wedding book

If a restaurant has their own photographer, be certain that they’ll be selling photos on your wedding day because that is how they make profit. They will be more dedicated for ensuring they have a lot of photos instead of making good ones. Besides that, they usually leave the wedding to create images so they might miss something that you would like to have in your photo album. If you want really good pictures showing the beautiful moments throughout the wedding hire a special photographer. The investment is small compared to how much you would complain if you had bad images.

Pay attention to his style

When you select the right guy take the time to look at his previous work. Begin with the internet but don’t stop there. Consult your photographer and tell him what you want and how you imagine the photographs and his services. Ask him to have a few test photos to see if it matches your visions.

Test the photography the same time as the makeup

It is of critical importance that your makeup artist and the photographer get along so ask the photographer to be there when you do a makeup test. Not only that you will see the work of the photographer but the work of your makeup artist as well.

Make a plan B

Visit some of the places with your guy and make some test shots there. Is case it starts raining you need to find a place where you can take you romantic photographs at the big day. If you have your own ideas don’t hesitate to speak your mind because after all it is you big wedding day.


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